What if I need to go to court in a matter involving an estate, trust or incapacitated person?

We are not afraid and are ready to go to court in all types of matters relating to estates, executors, trusts, trustees, incapacitated persons, guardianships and related matters.

We help clients in court matters involving estates, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney.

We represent executors, administrators, trustees, beneficiaries, incapacitated persons, guardians and agents with power of attorney in these matters. We also represent claimants, who have a valid claim against an estate or trust.

We have achieved successful results for our clients in Court of Common Pleas, typically the Orphans’ Court division, and the appellate courts.

The types of matters we pursue in court include will contests, misconduct by executors and trustees, recovery of assets rightfully belonging to an estate or trust and protecting the rights of estate and trust beneficiaries.

We also assist clients with guardianship proceedings for incapacitated persons to protect those individuals and assure that their rights and best interests are being protected.

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