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Cordes Law, LLC
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Newtown, PA 18940
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Our Services

The law firm of Cordes Law, LLC offers a variety of services in the area of estate planning, including but not limited to the preparation of wills, powers of attorney, living trusts and trusts under wills for estate planning and asset administration. During the estate planning process, the attorneys of Cordes Law, LLC evaluate each client's unique situation to achieve the client's goals and objectives and creates a comprehensive estate plan to satisfy the client's needs.

Cordes Law, LLC provides complete representation for executors, personal representatives and trustees in estate and trust administrations. It offers full services to assist executors and personal representatives they represent in all phases of their duties in estate administration from probate until closing of the estate to ensure the administration is completed properly at every stage. The law firm also offers full services to assist trustees in the administration of trusts from creation of the trust until its termination.

Cordes Law, LLC also provides representation of its clients in Orphans' Court matters, including, but not limited to, guardianships, matters pertaining to the administration of estates and trusts, will contests, and issues involving mismanagement by executors, administrators, trustees, guardians or agents with power of attorney.

Cordes Law, LLC also represents clients in other matters, including, but not limited to, purchase or sale of real estate, zoning relief before zoning boards and business transactions including formation of business entities and the sale or purchase of business entities or assets.